Dutch Shepherd Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Dutch is a very intelligent breed of dog, they are distinguished by their care and the ability to grasp knowledge on the fly. These dogs have long been considered dependable guards, in addition, they understand their responsibilities and are often responsible guides - walkyourdogaustin.com/american-bulldog-dogs-puppies-for-sale-near-me.html.

Of course, training of a dog requires a lot of time. With such a pet you need a lot to do in order to maintain it healthy and fit, it requires constant exercising, as well as long walks in the fresh air, so it is best if the dog lives outside the city, where it can move at least in areas adjacent to the house on its own. The lifespan of a dog is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Dutch Shepherd Dog Cost and Price Range

The dog will cost you about $1000-$1500. The price will depend on its quality as if you want to buy a puppy that will be able to take part in the dog show, you should be ready to pay the higher price.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The most common type of a dog is a short-haired with thick, dense undercoat, conspicuous collar, pants and tail-feather. Long-haired dogs are covered with long, close fitting coat - thick, straight, not curly or wavy, with a dense undercoat.

In short-haired and long-haired dogs color is brown or gray where on the background there are dark vertical stripes located. Preferably, when there is the presence of a black mask. Gray-blue, pepper and salt, tiger gold with silver shades are also possible variants. Height at the withers of the Dutch Shepherd is in males: 57 - 62 cm, females: 55 - 60 cm. Weight of the Dutch Shepherd is about 30 kg.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The breed's ancestors were Belgian Shepherds. Official recognition of the breed was only in 1860, although this breed originated much earlier. Its homeland is Holland.

Originally, this breed was created as a shepherd and a long time it was used only for this purpose. Thanks to these features of its character as the responsibilities and powers of observation, it copes with the mission entrusted to it. Later, Dutch Shepherd became a regular participant of numerous exhibitions and has won many leading positions.

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