English Foxhound Temperament and Lifespan

English Foxhound used to live and hunt in a pack, so they were brought mainly collectively, rather than individually. It is believed that in order to raise English Foxhound it is required to have a stiff hand, great skill and patience: http://bh-glow.com/doberman-pinscher-dogs-puppies-for-sale-near-me.html. Like all Englishmen, the dog is balanced, gallant and well-educated. English Foxhound - friendly and balanced dog, it will quietly coexist with your other pets and will treat children's pranks patiently.

Of course, this dog is not suitable for life in a city apartment, but with adequate physical activity and frequent walks, it will be satisfied with the need for active movement and not quite satisfied with its not hunting life. It will gladly accompany you on cycling, jogging or on a long walk. Furthermore, this tracker is very alert and at any time of the day or night it will strictly protect your home. Be sure - uninvited guest will be greeted by their menacing bark. The lifespan of the dog is about 11-15 years.

How Much Does a English Foxhound Cost and Price Range

The average price for English Foxhound is about $500-$600 depending on such factors as the dog's quality and the breeder. If you want to have the show quality dog or to breed English Foxhounds, then you will have to pay the higher price. The standard pet quality puppy will cost you not more than $450-$500.

English Foxhound Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

According to the breed standard, the weight is 25 to 34 kg. Height: from 58 to 69 cm. Hair: short, straight and rigid. Color: the permissible is monochrome and multicolor, but the most common colors are gray, black or piebald, skewbald, light fawn.

English Foxhound Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Around the origin of the hunting dog there have been disputes for a long time. Probably English Foxhound appeared at the end of the Middle Ages, especially for fox hunting . The basis of the type of dog breed was Bloodhound, deer hounds and terriers. Hunters wanted to get a medium-sized dog, fast and persistent, they didn't particularly worry about the characteristics of its voice and flair. Fox hunting reached its peak of popularity in the early XIX century. In France, the English Foxhound has been a favorite of Napoleon III. In the seventeenth century, this breed was used to create American breeders Great Dane. In France, for breeding beagles schooling intended for hunting big game, also taken as the basis for his English Foxhound breed quality (strong bones, energy, perseverance).

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